BroadSat Technologies and 6Harmonics collaborate to Bridge the Digital Divide in Rural Areas with Innovative ATSC 3.0 and TV Whitespace Technology

BroadSat Technologies, a leader in Broadcast & Broadband communication, and 6Harmonics, a global innovator and leader in UHF Broadband Wireless, have announced a collaborative initiative to bring cutting-edge ATSC 3.0 and TV Whitespace solutions to rural regions, effectively bridging the digital divide. This revolutionary approach integrates broadcast and broadband spectrums, offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges of connectivity in areas where fiber deployment is impractical.

Uniting to Connect the Unconnected

BroadSat Technologies and 6Harmonics are leveraging their expertise to develop solutions that ensures seamless connectivity using spectrum efficiency. This collaboration is poised to transform the way rural areas access digital services, addressing the critical ‘last mile’ problem with an innovative edge solution.

Breaking New Ground with ATSC 3.0 and TV Whitespace

ATSC 3.0, the latest standard in digital terrestrial television, combined with the effective use of TV Whitespace – the unused broadcasting frequencies in the wireless spectrum – presents a game-changing solution for rural connectivity. Combined, these technology enables a wide range of applications, including high-definition TV, remote learning, emergency alerts, and telemedicine, to regions previously cut off from these essential services.

A Vision for the Future

“The collaboration between BroadSat Technologies and 6 Harmonics is a shared vision to empower rural communities,” said Aby Alexander, CEO of BroadSat Technologies. “Through this initiative, we aim to deliver not just connectivity, but opportunities for growth, education, and health, directly to the doorsteps of the unconnected.”


Rob Barlow CEO of 6Harmonics, added, “Our joint technology is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets social responsibility. We’re not just solving technical challenges; we’re addressing a fundamental human need for connection and access to information.”

About BroadSat Technologies

BroadSat Technologies is a leading provider of broadcast and broadband solutions, committed to enhancing connectivity in rural and remote regions across the globe. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we strive to bridge the digital divide and foster digital inclusivity for all.

About 6Harmonics

6Harmonics is the leader in rural and remote UHF broadband wireless connectivity. 6Harmonics enables new levels of service delivery at the edge of the networks with secure, powerful, robust, and versatile communication products that are transformational in the quest for connecting people and things globally.

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